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Assistant Interview: Deb Chazell

Deb has worked at L’Arche Spokane as a Live-Out Assistant since March 2019.


  1. Share your favorite core member memory.

I couldn’t get enough when Sean (a core member) got so very excited for his breakfast: cereal, toast, and nana (banana)! And he would repeat it over and over!


  1. Share about a funny moment with core members and/or assistants.

Not really funny, but I just have to say when you love your job so much due to the assistants and core members who love you unconditionally, it can’t get any better than that. Life at L’Arche Spokane is all good! Truly blessed just being here!


  1. Share about a time when you felt supported by core members or assistants.

Right now, dealing with my back pain. All the assistants that have covered my days when I couldn’t be here, going up and down stairs for me, doing more cleaning, just everything all around. Core Members telling me, “Careful of your back, Deb!” helping me carry things – I could go on and on. Love, love the team work by all!


  1. How has your experience in L’Arche Spokane transformed you during your time in community?

For sure building my relationship with Jesus a lot more.


  1. How does your experience in L’Arche impact your view of individuals with developmental disabilities?

I had already worked with children with disabilities from my last job, and now it has come full circle with adults. This has been awesome. I love my job!


  1. What would you say to someone who was thinking about supporting L’Arche Spokane through their time or resources?

I would ask them to come to our house and see why I love L’Arche Spokane!