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Assistant Interview: Bob Bursch

Bob started at L’Arche Spokane as a Live-In Assistant in February 2013. Since then, he has been connected to the community as a Live-Out Assistant, Volunteer, and Donor.


  1. Share a favorite core member memory.

Being able to accompany Lance (a core member) on two of his vacations: one to St. Louis, and the other to North Dakota to visit his relatives. It was fun to see him enjoy himself in these settings, especially when we toured the St. Louis Cardinals baseball stadium, Busch Stadium, and have our pictures taken on the field. Also, Lance bought seven T-shirts on his trip. Yikes!


  1. Share about a funny moment with core members and/or assistants.

Waking up as a Live-In Assistant at Trinity House on 2nd floor, where four male core members also slept in their rooms. It was funny, but also an endearing moment to have them knock on my door to greet a new day, all in their own special way.


  1. Share about a time when you felt supported by core members or assistants.

When I was rappelling about 300 feet down the side of Spokane’s Bank of America building as a participant in a Special Olympics fundraiser (2014 Over the Edge). I had to raise $650+ in order to do the rappel in honor of Special Olympic Athlete, Kevin, a core member at Trinity House. Several core members and assistants were on the street below to cheer me down. It was a little scary! I so appreciated their presence that day.


  1. How has your experience in L’Arche Spokane transformed you during your time in community?

I feel my time in community has helped me to see the importance of listening attentively, of laughing with others at simple happenings, and of loving unconditionally. I so need these “3 L’s” every day in my life.


  1. How does your experience in L’Arche impact your view of individuals with developmental disabilities?

It has encouraged me to be more “aware” of the needs of individuals with developmental disabilities in our everyday word. To treat them with equal respect, as I would want to be treated.


  1. What would you say to someone who was thinking about supporting L’Arche Spokane through their time or resources?

You will be accepted as you are. Come to L’Arche with an open heart and open mind, and come to share yourself with your talents, gifts, strengths, and even your weaknesses. A great investment!