Become a Core Member

How Does Someone Join the Community as a Core Member?

Anyone with an intellectual disability is welcome to come to our public events and become part of our community as a core member.*

*In L’Arche, the term core member refers to an adult who has an intellectual disability as they are the center and heart of the community.

How Does a Core Member Become a Resident?

When L’Arche welcomes a core member to become a resident in one of our two houses, we anticipate that they will live in L’Arche for as long as we are able to provide for their needs. For that reason, openings in the L’Arche houses are very rare and we move through the selection process carefully. We do not have a first-come first-served waiting list, but evaluate each prospective resident based on whether they are a good fit for the community and the community is a good fit for them. A desire to live in intentional community is an important consideration in this process. Please contact us for more information.

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L’Arche Spokane Focus Areas

The L’Arche Spokane community centers around life-giving and life-changing relationships, led by the adults with intellectual disabilities (called core members).

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