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Sean Doneen 1/26/1961 – 9/20/2020

Sean came to our community in April of 1983, and he has brought us 37 years of joy. He loved dancing and music; especially directing the music during mass at his parish, St. Aloysius. In his final nights, we often witnessed him “directing”. (No doubt he is busy directing the heavenly choir today!)

Sean embodied joy and spontaneity. He celebrated everything: he greeted you in the morning with “good sleep”, clapping and doing a jig over his favorite breakfast of cereal and nannas. When he came home from Zumba, everything had to stop while he demonstrated the latest moves.

Sean loved superheroes and his favorites were Batman and Wonder Woman. He would spin in circles to the theme of Wonder Woman until he was so dizzy he couldn’t stand up. As one community member put it, “Sean’s super power was love and friendship.” He always had a bright smile and a hug for everyone, and his impact on the lives of those around him has been far reaching.

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